Free up your time, close more deals!

SalesTim Business Assistant helps Sales Professionals to spend more time actually selling, by automating key daily tasks, meetings preparation and debrief, contacts management, pipe cleaning and proposal collaboration.

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Free up your time, close more deals!
SalesTim Business Assistant

AI Powered Assistant for Sales

Daily Briefing

At a glance, get a brief of your day, start your day in context, you’re up and running in few minutes:

  • Meetings list overview with contact details
  • Latest Press release about your account

AI Powered Assistant for Sales

Meetings Assistant

A full meeting assistant to make sure you focus on closing deals:

  • Just in time CRM insights to be prepared for each meeting
  • Notes, business cards and pictures sync with Salesforce
  • Information shared in one click to your account team both in Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.

AI Powered Assistant for Sales

Contacts Automation

No more contact lost, Salestim assistant is here to help:

  • New contacts from Business card, emails and meetings in your calendar
  • Set up what you prefer, sync with salesforce, add to Outlook or both
  • Always in sync with your email and calendar, it works for you

AI Powered Assistant for Sales

Pipe Cleaning

Manage your pipe at your fingertip, fast as never:

  • Speed up your pipe cleaning, SalesTim prepares your pipe review
  • Suggestion based on close date and opportunities activities
  • As you have a conversation, update close dates, stages and more in seconds
AI Powered Assistant for Sales

Conversational CRM

Get the right info at the right time, using natural language:

  • All your Salesforce activities as simple as a conversation
  • Search for accounts, opportunities or contacts, get insights
  • Create or update them on the go, and subscribe to the most important

AI Powered Assistant for Sales

Spend more time actually selling!

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CRM Integration

Wanna go further? Integrate Salesforce with Teams!

With SalesTim for Salesforce, empower every Sales Professional to Achieve More with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.
Implement an extensible Microsoft Teams & Salesforce integration that reduces your Salesforce licensing burden, is seamless for your sales team and enforce sales teams best practices.

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